big up Maroc :p

loooll duuuude u hate the truth or what ??? u’ll meet a lot of moroccans who are gonna tell u viva maghreb united and inside them they hate evry single algerian … atleast ana im honest with myself

dude what one person says isn’t always the general truth… and how is hating every single algerian gonna benefit these people, ughh
btw you’re maybe thinking pff what does this turkish girl know about the situation of morocco and algeria, trust me we’re in the same boat; turks and kurds, but i do not hate every kurd for what some kurds are doing in the country… and btw, they don’t even have a gov.t so it’s not their gov.t that’s killing my people, it’s PEOPLE, armed people… whereas in your situation, it is the algerian gov.t or generals or whatever military power that’s in the business, not the people… so no reason to hate -i know i know you don’t hate the people, you hate the gov.t, but im speaking for those dumnuts that hate the people too-

duuude what was broken in veryyyyyy small pieces is hard to fix it :s
maybe if algeria does what i told above we will think about the offre then :stuck_out_tongue:

btw welah ive never said why this lil turk is talkin about this conflict wellah never … ppl like u can help a lot the situation

lol bellati 3lik lemme give them a call and ask

loooooooooooooollllll ask them for some petrol too plz :hap:

hahaha wech nta **** akhoya?

dont tell me the stars are hidin a darija word hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh itd be hilarious wellah

darija word indeed. any ideas?

hhahahhhhahhahahaa i c that uve got a good darija teacher hein ?

i learnt this word ages ago and when i used it on the forum -i didn’t know it wasn’t a nice word then- i got told off :eye:

btw i don’t think we’re talking about the same word, you think its a REALLY bad word hein? what does your one start with?

no no no i didnt think about any word … im just imagining u usin a mean word in darija thats all
u tell me the first letter :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not that mean.


and it’s not an animal

looolll dunno :s and wellah im not makin u sayin it here but i didnt know it

let it stay with me then, don’t worry =)

lool ok as u like … but maybe it isnt a bad word it is just slang

i don’t know, the person that taught me didn’t say it was a bad word, maybe on purpose, so that i get into trouble when i use it :smiley: some moroccans wellahi… need a belting!! :stuck_out_tongue:
it was so funny but, everyone was attacking me after i said it

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good one loollll id do the same thing with u :stuck_out_tongue:
if everybody attacked u it means it is really bad lool

the thing is, that in english we say many many words that actually have bad meanings but noone considers the meaning when they use the word, so its not as bad, but in darija it’s not like that, sometimes even normal-ish words are considered really rude in certain contexts…its tricky for ppl like me

wellah that’s not nice but, 7amdoulillah i am learning darija now from better people

duuude this exactly whats happenin to me here in SM … i usually use normal english words and then im shocked when ppl complain :S