big up Maroc :p


bghit nchouf walakin tqiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil
daba narja3

lol wa nti li t9ila … b9iti 3ataha ghir lmakla w n3ass … siri dirilk chwya dial footing hhhh

wowowwww zwinaaaa had video w les photos fiha… walakin khassni ngoul, fiha kayna chwia dial l3yaqa, ghir chwia :stuck_out_tongue: matalan “le climat de reve” ha ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

wa rani m9el9a 7it lmaghreb rah kan kber mn 9abl walakin daba… :frowning:

oh yeah … when france colonized the north afirca , they believed that they wont never go out from algeria … so they were taking lands from morocco and addin it to algeria :s and this is actually why i have some hate toward algeria

:S it’s not algeria’s fault… of course they’re not gonna give those lands back i mean ppl are living in them, so just be happy with what you have yak… u have a climat de reve so ma3liiich hhhh

duuude this is not the problem :s
when france was goin to leave algeria they asked mohamed 5th the king of morocco in that time , do u want ur land back ? he said just leave algeria we r brothers and we r gonna get a solution between us … just not to let france a pretext to stay more in algeria
u know what was the first thing algeria did after the independence ??? starting the war of sahara against morocco … bringing some criminals from the black africa and givin them weapons to take off the sahara from morocco …
dude we r not askin algeria now for our land … just leave us alone , stop investin money on polisario … many algerians die from hunger

haaaa =S it’s the people at the top that need a lesson…
may Mohammed the 5th rest in peace nchallah ya rabbb

Fnaire has a great song related to the Alg-Morocco conflict…


duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude F*** this song that means we r gonna forget all those who died in the sahara war ??? maybe they r able to forget coz they didnt lose a father or a member of family in that war

you’re so stubborn, are you gonna be enemies with them forever because of the people your country lost in the sahara war??? you gotta forgive and forget, this is what islam teaches us.

and islam teaches us al-3adl and al-3adl says that algeria must stop fighting against us … algeria must accept openin the boundries … 3 times morocco open them and they keep them closed 3 times duuuude
i hate algeria and ill be the last person to believe in such a stupid idea called maghreb united

:S i hope you’re only representing a VERY small minority with this mentality

duuuude as i said to mini many times i never said i hate algerians but in the same time i will never hide my hate to algeria… and NO we r a lot to think like that … maybe after 100 years ppl forget about 70’s and 80’s … but lame i dont

bro i know you don’t hate all algerians, but having no belief in the possibility of a maghreb united is toooo pessimistic of you

duuude do u want me to put my hand with someone who has a knife in the other hand ??? bein islam never meant bein stupid :s

see this is what’s wrong with the way you’re thinking, you assume that bad people will ALWAYS be bad… let me ask you something, have you heard of what happened in RWANDA? two people/tribes who were killing each other by the MILLIONS are now, after many years living together in peace, even though their very neighbours might be the murderers of their families…

Peace is possible, you just need to believe in it and work for it.

peace is impossible with algeria … since the generals are still governing there
last thing to say to algeria : vous avez provoké le polizario , trouvé une solution … c a ce point la on peu etre des ami :wink:

aha & algeria heard you =p

nothing is impossible akhoyaaaaaa, nchallah we will see the days when Morocco and Algeria unite against the other bullies

better to be after my death incha allah :wink:

that was soooo lame WOLLAAAH, i think 3 glasses of milk made you drunk