hey everyone , im back :smiley:
missed u all
how are u guys doing? and how was the summer holiday?

Hi MarocRulz!
Welcome back here!!! :slight_smile:
My summer holliday was greeeeaaattt!!! :smiley: In Morocco of course! :wink:
And you, where have you spend your hollidays?

i spent it in Morocco too
just came back today :smiley:
it was great lhamdulillah

Welcome back, MarocRulz. Glad to have you among us again :).
I spent the vacation in Morocco too :p.
See you around!

Welcome back, ooooooooooooooh I want to go to Morocco tooo I have to :save: first,but I will go for sure

thnx guys
its nice to be back again

Welcome back Marocrulz ! :welcome:


Thank Youuuuu

Assalamu alaikum

Marhaban! Welcome back. Insha’Allah, you had a nice time.

welcome back! what about your vacations in morocco? :lol:

I had a good time in Morocco
Most of my vacation was spent in Casa
but i also visited Tangier, Tetouan , Martil & Asila