as-salam 3leykum drari

Hellow everyone!:flag:

i’m a student from Russia and my main hobby is arabic language(fuS7a et lahzhat mu5talifa) and
i am trying to make 9amus maghribi-russi. Now it consist of 946 words. But i need help of some maroccanian to pronounce all this words, because it’s hard to understand pronouncing:blink: for non-speaker using only transcription while learning. ya3ni 5eSSni bzaf musa3ada li takmil l3amal diali elli la shakk fih ghatkun Sale7 li koul musta3rabin:^^:

Wa 3alaykom assalam :). And you greet just drari? O lbnat lla? :slight_smile:
Welcome aboard, it’s nice to see interest for Darija all the way from Russia! Tbarkellah 3lik, it seems that you already know some Darija.
Are you willing to publish your dictionnary online? Do you have a list of words ready to be translated? And are you making sound files or just writing in phonetics?
You can post your translation requests in the translation forum. And if you need further collaboration, you can contact me in private.
Mr7ba bik!

MAr7ba bik!!

Welcome Paul Masson,

Thats a great idea to make a russian/moroccan dictionnary, it’s true that I dont know even a word in russian, but if you put your 9amus in the net, you’ll be surprised :smiley:

Once again :welcome: