are there moroccans that live in Italia, in this forum?!?!?!!

salam aleikum!!! ciao !!!:^^:

Apparently not :). There can be non-Moroccans there. I think Saharazina lives in Italy as well?

Saharazina scrivimi!!! write me!!! busa kbira mchicha;)

btw there are a lot of moroccans in Italy… ok in this forum i think sarahzina lives in Italy…:slight_smile:

Yes there are a lot, I heard more Moroccan than Italian, when I was in Italy and I didn’t made it to practise my Italian.

Lol who did abeer just call mchicha? :mdr:

Yes their are Moroccans in Italy. I have family their. Not in this forum though. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah wa rah they are a lot, but are they in this forum( too?
That’s what Abeer looking for!

Nessun marocchino "italiano"nel forum? Sembra proprio di no. Dovremo impegnarci di piu’.ciao

salut a tout le monde et je souhaite une très bonne fête à les amis musulmans