Appa Ft. Douzi - Ana Maghrabi

Whuzzup :smiley:

Here’s a song i think it’s kinda cool


There’s a download link in the descpription box if you wish to download it =)

Niiiiiiiiice … i like Douziii, i wanna download this… and there’s some dutch in it right. Douzii says “maghrebi” funny, or maybe it just sounds funny to me because im still a beginner :hap: if i get caught watching this… :unsure:

Choukran a Tafoukt 3la lvideo :wink:

Hahaha why are you in school ? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Makayn moshkil sis :slight_smile:

Lol no, worse, at uni :stuck_out_tongue: in the library (of my uni) people walk around looking for free computers, and when they see someone just watching videos or playing games, some people get angry and make signals for the person to get off the computer so they can use it for “work” … didn’t want to be one of their victims, thats all :smiley:

Aha i see haha :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the same thing in the library in my school xD

Meanies don’t give us some space to breathe ah :smiley:

Haha yes real meanies xD they’re all up in your face 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha baaaaad, they can go jump off a bridge!!

No ur right he does say “Ana maghrebia” funnily then what ive heard like “Ana Maghireby” :blink:

Ey! I can’t resist it: listen to this. It’s a mix from a Cheb Rayan song, “ana maghribi --> ana tanjawi”

Hey laliiiiii hey lalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ana gharib w barrani…


Thank you Ouazzani, I have to admit I’m a huge fan of Cheb Rayan, he has an awesome song called Bledi in this same album… and this song you’ve posted is greattt too, I like how he says anaaa, his accent is wackkkkk :smiley:

OK LOVE LOVE this song!! Wallah! It’s another Cheb Douzi song (just love him lol) and the basis for my post “Shinsani” lol its a duet with a French singer enjoy!: :okay:


^^I LOVE that song too :smiley:

Douzii does say “maghrebi” funny …lol

Nice mix

The official video


gonna watch it when i get home nchallah, chukran tafoukti :smiley:

ALLLLLAH ALLLLAAAHH i liked those soccer tricks :okay: & all the morocco flags & the t-shirts :cool:

hahahahahha did you see the butcher Tafoukt?? he killed it

btw its obvious appa goes for barca too, lets face it, he’s awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the awesome vid…

The soccer tricks or the soccer player hihiih :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha yes what was that the butcher was doing lol :p… and man Douzi really bothered me in this vid when he tryed to act g haha he was all stiff :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re most welcome oultma =)

bothhh xD nah joke, just the tricks…

I agreeee, was acting all gangster but couldn’t really do it well mskeen he should’ve just done his regular dance moves…

cant deny that teh song is yummm though


I agree that would be much nicer if he’d dance

That was the only thing i didn’t like but but other than that it’s a great video and song :slight_smile:

loool i was being sarcastic, ya3ni his regular dances are… but at least better than the G-wannabe moves in this clip… nevertheless, tank u bzaf again :slight_smile: