Another newbie

I’ve been visiting Morocco for many years. Whilst I have enjoyed trekking with mules and ascending Jebel Toubkal, my main interest is adventure motorcycling and I maintain the Morocco Knowledgebase for BMW GS bikers at

I am keen to get even deeper under the skin of this wonderful country and in a moment of madness I have signed up for a six week darija course in Fes. So stand by for questions as I try to decypher my scribbled notes and tackle my homework!


Welcome aboard Tim. When did you start your Darija course and how is it going?
Go ahead with your questions, we’re here to help. :slight_smile:

See you around.

I started Monday, so I’ve had 11 hours so far. It is many years since I have studied formally and I have pieces of paper everywhere, so I need to organise myself.

Many thanks for the offer of help.

You do like another member of ours did here, organize your notes and open a thread with them to make sure you got everything right, and then I’ll give you exercises to do to practice.

Welcome to the forum Tim, soon we will hear you talking Darija, and that’s wonderfull :slight_smile:


Welcome!! hope u like it here!!
ask questions…