its nice to be here!!! greetingd to u all…

With introduce I actually meant to tell as a bit about you. Like where you from and why are you learning darija? Have you been to Morocco or are you Moroccan?

Welcome to the forum, Ayah :). What nice breeze brought you to us?
Hoping to see you become an akkkkkktive member ;).

enters as an example


mr7ba bik a ayah!
we look forward to getting to know you
so, where are you from and why are you here? :smiley:
come on, don’t be shy! :wink: this place is full of nass zwineen :slight_smile:
t-hallay frasek!

Welcome ayah, and enjoy your stay with us :slight_smile:

Welcooooooooooome ayah!
tell us more about u!

alo to u too :smiley: welcome!!!