aite thats it/ w safi

i am sick and damn tired of (oops am i allowed 2 say damn???) corrupting everybody forum. from now on i will as punishment restrict myself only to the funzoneeeee when i have something stupid to say…dont worry one day i WILL jama3 rassi and post some translation questions that are good and contribute to the intellectual quality of the forum. until then

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i better just hang out here

mooot bda7k* I don’t think you’ve read madridista’s posts, yours aren’t even the C of corruption.

  • my new way of saying LOL

yeah but @ least he teaches ppl smthing haha…i just go off on random tangents…no one will want to read these threads when i get done with them!!! ooh its so hard not 2 reply thou…aicha 3fik come visit me here in l7abs mara mara?? you’re fun to go on tangents with :ok:

oh shooshh!! don’t say that, if you weren’t useful you wouldn’t even get replies to your posts, you’re a source of knowledge on the forum too, and besides the more the merrier… do reply when you feel like saying something, there’s always someone that’ll find it a good read. + you know more darija than a lot of ppl here, including me… so keep contributing llah ykhllik

bien sur a bacha :hat: but only if u stop thinking you’re useless!!

yeah just i mostly am talkin about mlli tnkhragba9 threads on fashion with long descriptions about my ‘ute’ skin color age IQ and favorite way 2 drink my tea but thank youuuu lalla aicha very nice 2 sayyyy that though i disagree my tamer boutatologie is about as bad as anyones, this is a very hard language we have set out 2 learn yak!!!

LOLLL geeee go back and take a look at all the convos we’ve been having so far with other members, nothing different, we invade threads, change the topics and go on and on about something completely irrelevant, its no big deal, we’re here to learn, talk and entertain each other… and Lol @ tamerboutatologie, that was actually funny, it’s good to have ppl with whimsical humour like that hhhh

hard is an understatement don’t ya think but we’re doing good so far i reckon, i mean, we’re still alive so give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

and don’t say aiiiiiite that’s it again, indulge in the forum like you’re indulging in atay a la menthe :beach:
take it easy

i think we should hear some more opinions…they might put u in funzone 7abs m3aia yakhti lolllll…i just find myself every now and then with a conscience: what WOULD sm say i think…w immedialment, tn7achm lol :blush:…she likes the place 2 be organized and keep on topic and its for a good reason…no i can still talk and have fun lakin ri fi funzone dakchi lli ghir lsda333

yahhh were doing good lalla! and then u will have your 5th language mastered and i will have my…2nd…lol…ooh that sounds like a fun topic…

hhhhh zedti fih bigtime! i only speak 2 languages properly, the rest i’m still learning…
you were explaining something about spanish to us ages ago (diminitives?)… how can darija be your 2nd language if you got english, spanish (if im right), MSA, egyptian, darija aaand… anything else?
wait, i think you opened up a thread for this, better discuss it there…

I can’t tell you what SM would think, coz I don’t know, but it should be fine i suppose coz i haven’t been warned and neither has anyone else… except for one person, and we all know why :smiley:

btw my avatar is so cute yak, i smile when i see it :smiley:

4 his dirty cussin mouth huh??? lol…did she tell him she was gonna wash it out bl sabon or what??

YES!!! ur homeade avatars are ill!!! make me one ill rock it when i get tired of rouicha

well i know a couple things in spanish but nothing close to conversational, same problem with francais, tachelhit i started to try, and quit for now :(, also i speak a little of two native languages from here but again nothin…i lost my egyptian when i started focusing on darija, and my fusha is brokeee

u have french u have darija u have turkish ive seeeen you write stuff and u have english…wallaho 3alim what else u got :gng:

ok ok ok stop riiiiight there, so you’ve been involved with (i dont care if you’re fluent or not) about 9 languages :open_mouth: :open_mouth: alright maybe some aren’t conversational or whatever but stillll you can identify them and know what’s going on chwia right? barakallahu fik, thats greattt, and u can always build on what you’ve got, apply from now to be the translator of the UN conferences, yalla what u waiting for :ok:

I don’t “have” darija and french yet, still got a long way to go to “have” them :smiley: kheir nchallah

u speak a really good french and ur darija is conversational…so wy hebrew thou

hebrew for many reasons, firstly because we have a lot of hebrew speakers in my arabic class, they’re learning arabic so why not learn their language? and also, because i think the more languages we have in common with a people, the better the chance of having peace there is, the lesser the misunderstandings there’ll be… and lastly, hebrew is close to arabic, so no doubt there’s this force of attraction for me.

plus easier once you learn arabic i bet :slight_smile:

same wit farsi

well i could respond better but i will tomorrow i cant keep up these australian hours !!:sleep:

noooot a problem dude, good night yeah.
it sucks being on the other side of the world.

farsi is sooo similar to turkish, makes my life easier :smiley:

yalla thalla frasek

blati sani3a before i go

yeah oh my bad i didnt really explain it good did u get to the part in ur study of MSA where they talk about verb forms, usually they do it using the verb root f-3-l (which is to do but rarely used even in MSA i think), to show the forms, theres like 9 of them or something, and they have patterns which are useful to learn…i cant really explain it oh wait here it is check it

"Derived stems-- Arabic verbs are noted for an unusual system of derivation. From any particular root, up to nine different verb stems may be formed, each with its own template (though there is no verb where all eleven stems can be successfully applied). Western scholars usually refer to these derivations as “form I”, “form II”, … up through “form XV,” though these designations are not used indigenously, where they are referred to derivating the verb ??? “to do”. Accordingly, form I would be ??? (fa?ala), form II would be ??? (fa??ala), etc.

These forms and their associated participles and verbal nouns are the primary means of forming vocabulary in Arabic. All of the examples shown here are the citation forms, which in Arabic means the 3rd-person masculine singular perfect (e.g., “he did”, “he wrote”)."

REALLY good stuff to know…i couldnt bring myself ever to memorize it or start reading and comprehending the patterns

[quote=achminfar9]4 his dirty cussin mouth huh??? lol…did she tell him she was gonna wash it out bl sabon or what??

YES!!! ur homeade avatars are ill!!! make me one ill rock it when i get tired of rouicha[/quote]
I didn’t see this!!!

first line: yep, exactement :stuck_out_tongue:
second line: sure thang, dunno what u like so i’ll make sure it’s something girly.

and about the post just above mine, with all the explanation and stuff, i’ll check it out inchalla… thanksssss

en plus, i think its “saniya” for second… unless you wanna sound more arab than I do, then say sani3a :smiley:

hahahhahahahahah u r really crazy both of u … ach take it easy man , we r here to have fun :wink:

LA, sani3a doesn’t make it sound more Arabic ;). Maybe ach meant something else?

Ach, nice 7abs you have here, we will all be visiting… which doesn’t mean that we agree that you’re making a mess around. You are NOT.