hey i’m a new comer here and i’d like to be one of you guys… i’m a moroccan never been abroad… i learnt english in school and university and i want to share my knowledge concerning translation or learning from English to moroccan arabic or otherwise.
[nospam=ahmedzown@gmail.com]Email me right here/[/nospam]

Hello Ahmed.
Welcome to the forum, and please do consider yourself at home in here :). We’ll be glad to see you active with us in the forum.
Read you soon around.

hi ahmed

you’re welcome, i have the same aim, i hope we will learn more vocablury in this forum, so good luck ! :^^:

Mr7ba bik Ahmed.
Help others learn Darija, and you’ll certainly learn English at the same time, as well.

Ddaar daark. :ok:

Welcome aboard, Ahmed :). I hope you’ll like it here.