Ahlan !

Well this is my hello to you all, because I’ll be hanging aroud here very often. A short introduction: I’m Houria from Holland. I’m Morrocan but I don’t speak Darija. I hope to though… so that is why I’ll be posting my questions here about the why’s, how’s and the what’s. See you around!

Welcome, Houriya. I am happy that you found us.
See you around.

Hello Houriya and welcome =D i hope you’ll get your questions answered and that you’ll learn Darija xD

Have a nice day and i guess i’ll see you around;D

mr7ba bi Houriya


I hope you’ll post a lot of questions here. It helps others learn too. :cool:

Ahlan wa sahlan Houriya, beautiful name :smiley:
Enjoy your time in this marvellous forum :wink:

MEr7ba bik Houriya

see you around!