Ahlan Wasahlan

Finally managed to get an account. Something’s wrong with the year grabber as it took 2010, but not 2011.

Been looking for a place to get some Darija specific education. Been studying Arabic for decades now, but really had a hard time with Darija when I was in Morocco years ago. Now I’m hoping to fill in the cracks by coming to the forum.

Welcome aboard.
I am the guilty one. I should have changed the anti-spam question 24 days ago, but have been dragging this small task over and over and over. I fixed it now, my apologies.
I wish you an instructive crack-filling, and see you around!

So where to start?
I guess with the videos and getting the transliterations down pat.

Oh - I’ve been using Arabic since about 1990 or so and have spent about a year in Saudi, 6 months in Egypt and 8 months in Morocco. Real handy with the fusha, but there’s a big difference between fusha and darija!

welcome sahir
good luck and maybe u can fill us in regarding your experience