A to Z words in Darija (game)

ok, i guess we’re way old for these games, but i believe this is different, u know…its about Darija :slight_smile:

What we do is to come with words in Darija & post them Alphabetically, too simply.
& since we use “3”, “7” & “9” as letters, the order would be as following: 3-7-9-A-B-C…Y-Z.

I’ll start with a “3” word & you continue with 7, & next member with 9…& when we finish we start over :ok:

I’ll start !

3 - 3yeet (i’m tired)

7azqa - poor person (f.)

the masculine would be 7azq

That’s not a proper word !! it means “Fart”, & it means “poor” only in a lil bit dirty meanin !

A7wash (tamazight music)

That’s not a proper word !! it means “Fart”, & it means “poor” only in a lil bit dirty meanin ![/quote]
oops, i didn’t know!

Dont they say walla 7ta 7azq(a) a kho/kht when a beggar asks for money? why is it ‘dirty’ ?

Next word: Baba

How about …:roll: it means “fart” ? :neu: & its not polite to say it infront of people :no: [:rofl:]

C - Car (coach)

How about I go out on a limb here and tell you, Dear LallaAicha, that the way I have normally heard this word used would translate to the not-at-all-acceptable, in my opinion, statement, “What, do you think I can just … out some money for you?” …or, “You guys are at the level of poorness where you can be called …een, and you want me to bring you WHAT?”

Hope that helps.

car would be Kar, and it means bus, as in long distance bus. I know that coach covers that meaning in English, but it is still a little ambiguous, seeing as it could refer to Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach…

rshaq liyya … yes yes: I gave you two words again, but at least I didn’t give you a really loooong sentence. It means, “It took my fancy.” “I wanted to.”

D - dfa3 (push)

3 = ayn 3ndaaak = be careful

!! i did “D” , you’re supposed to do “E” :^^:

btw we missed “9”, we’ll do it next round ! m’kay…

E - eella (unless), yeah i know it’s illa, but thats right pronounciation too :slight_smile:

qaf - ga = galbi = my heart… I say the next letter is ‘b’, because ‘y’ is a suffix. Can we say that or not?

Sorry guys once again, i didn’t know 7azqa referred to anything of that sort.

Anyway back to the game,

F - Flous (money)

The game is goin in alphabitical order, not “last letter” order :slight_smile: & no you cant say Qalbi ! bad student :fouet:

she said it again :rofl:

G - gool (say - talk)

OH, so, why can YOU say ‘gool’ but I can’t say ‘galbi’?.. and there used to be a game here where we went on to the last radical of the previous word; sorry for the mixup. My head is maqloob.

HMMMMM… I think YOUR word should be ‘gul’; it is majzoom lil amr, after all, so there can be no double middle vowel.

Is the next letter 3ayn? How about…3uSfur… sparrow

I am hyper confused here, ummaryam, sweetheart you don’t just choose a letter yourself!! you follow the order :smiley:

So, it’s H - haqeeqa, (i dont know if this word begins with a 7 or h, so correct me if its messed up)


  • You can say Galbi, & you can say Qalbi, exept for that Q = 9 (Qaf=9af)…
  • this game is about Darija ! so theres’ no such thing as “majzoom li lamr”, thats fos7a ! so “gul” is a funny word. & “gool” is the right one :wink:

*next letter is “H”, because i said “G”…(E.F.G.H.I.J.K…Y.Z)

H - Hany (tranquil / peaceful)

it seems we were postin at the same time, “H” is for words like hani - hda - hna - howa/hiya, “7” is for words like 7na - 7ami - 7awli :slight_smile:

ok you said H i’ll say I:

I - Ina (which)

PB, i know the difference between 7 and h but i didn’t know if the word i posted was a 7 or h one, coz i never heard someone say it before. but thanks anyhow :slight_smile:

J - Jbel (mountain)

It’s “7” : 7aqiqa or 7a9i9a :slight_smile:

K - Kollshi (everything)

Soooo, we’re following the order of the English Alphabet? Gooli li limatha a Lalla… (just joking; not very good at it, I’m afraid"

L … lasiqa, or, las9a … sticking; lasiqa fiyya = won’t leave me alone