A to Z words in Darija (game)

Which means??? :unsure:

After L comes M right? so,
M - Momkin (possible)

L.Aicha ! you dazzle me lol

N - Nod (stand up)

Is that what Ummaryam said?

O - Omry (even if it really begins with an 3, just let it go irrbi :smiley: )
& Omry = my Life

(blush) “Gooli limatha a Lalla” actually means, “Tell me why, oh Lalla”… and, like I said, I am no master of the joke… but you do dazzle me. I wanted sssssooooooo much to take Turkish at U, but I was way to overwhelmed with Arabic to do so. I asked the advice of a trusted Professor about taking, say, Persian at the same time. He told me that, after mastering the morphology and syntax and quirks of Arabic, when he took Persian he found it to be too unstructured for him to manage easily; he wanted rules, and I am a law-and-order sort of gal too.

p there is no p in Arabic… berrik - (barracks comes from this word)… originally said to an animal, when you want it to sit down. Nowadays, said to people, some of whom take it as a regular old verb for ‘sit’, others of whom become offended that you have used the vocabulary of chattel with them.

oh, and I take issue with ‘nod’; that is because, in my mother tongue, ‘nod’ means ‘move your head in a way that indicates agreement; issue the command’… that may not be a legitimate reason to object, I admit, but I would use the spelling “nuD” as in “nuD mn N3as” = "wake up!)

Hmmmm i see :slight_smile: well Turkish, like Persian has a complicated grammar system, i think Arabic is MUCH MUCH MUCH more logical and easy to follow, which isn’t surprising… I know many native Turkish speakers who still have trouble putting a sentence or two together in a grammatical manner, because it is just far too difficult, but Alhamdulillah i grew up speaking Turkish at home so i don’t stand out next to natives when i visit Turkey…

So back to the Game:
P doesn’t exist in Darija or Arabic for that matter, so i guess Q is next.

Q - Qalb (heart), Qamar (moon)

No, that’s what i said :slight_smile:

I told you , we’re playin in Darija not Arabic :wink:

P - Pil (pocket lamp), Pano (panel), PC (computer), Portable (cell phone), pill/pull (pull-over), pirimi (expired), premiere (first floor)…

  • Some from the north: playa (beach), pomperos (firemen), pompa (gas station)…

Thers’ many, u just couldn’t remember one, bad student :fouet: [:^^:]

PaperBird, khoya i have never heard of any Darija words that begin with P, and most of these are electronic stuff anyway :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for pointing them out!

  • Thanks for the compliment also, I’m still learning.

R - Rajl (man), Rab (Lord/God/Allah), Rass (head), Rani (I am), Rak (you are)

No problems & you’re wellcome :okay: but there’s actually P words that aren’t electronic…
btw, we don’t have to give many words for the letter, one is enough :wink:

S - slloom (ladder)

Brooo, i’m trying to give what i got, so that other learners can benefit from the words, i am not playing this game solely for fun, i want to help others and also learn more myself… But i know what u mean, u just didn’t want me to get tired from thinking for many words :smiley: lol

T - talata
(three), tarjama (translation), tiki tak tak :smiley:

  • i don’t know if i spelt tarjama right.

It right :slight_smile:

U - Umma (nation/people)

W - Walou (nothing)

  • i skipped to W coz there aren’t any V words in Darija, i think :unsure: *

xbat = shoe ?

It’s sbbat ! the way you wrote it it would be spelled “ksbbat” or “zbbat” :blink: memorize this :fouet: [;)]

V - vaz (flowers vase) - villa (villa) - video (video device) - veraje (road turn)

Memorize them for next round :wink:

Y - Yikh (Yuk)

@ PB, hader assi! i will memorise them :wink:

already corigated it in my dictionary, saha!

What about :unsure:

Zit -Oil / zituna/zitun - olive/olives for z?

:ok: that’s my boy :okay:

opps i forgot to say a word !

3 - 3awed (repeat) ; 3awd (horse)

it’s a she.

i got 7 again:

7 - 7asan (Good)

7asan jidan - well done (?) literally: good seriously

it’s a she.
:blush: but she didn’t say anything !! :huh:

9 - 9leb (turn/reverse/switch), 9rd (monkey)