A riddle - ???

yalla lets see how’s gonna solve it…

??? ??? ??? ??? ? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ? ??? ? ???

I didnt know it btw…
ps. It’s not © to me. I found it somewhere and thought of sharing it with you :slight_smile:

fi3l kandirouh kol nhar = kla
7aja kanteybo 3liha = forno
jbal f chamal dl meghrib = jbal rrif

w lkelma kamla hya California :smiley:

bravo 3lik…I knew nothing of these.
I gotta give a present :slight_smile:

[dunno what’s inside yet…ila chi zwin yb2a 50 50 :P]

I guessed the mountain would be atlas, but i think that it’s in ALgeria, not sure…
I didnt know the meaning of “kantybo”, actually I misunderstood the meaning.
and about what we ndeer kol nhar, i though it “nahd” or “faq”…cause we have this trivia: “what is the first thing you do when you wake up?” & the answer is: “I open my eyes”

Anyway, thanks bunches :slight_smile:

loooooooooolll and if it is somethin bad i’ll give it to LA :stuck_out_tongue:

about the atlas , its in morocco but in the center , in the north there is RIF mountains which extension goes till algeria (not sure about it , i was walways sleepin in geo classes :stuck_out_tongue: )

kanteybo comes from ‘’ tyab ‘’ which is makin food : ana kanteyb , nta kateyeb , nti kateybi …

u mean ‘’ nad " ?? or ‘‘nahd’’ ( what does it mean )

about “nad” and “nahd”…walahi enta adra i forgot actually
but i think it is “nad” while “nahd” is fus7a. I tried to check this from my darija notebook but it’s not qdami daba

ah ok so it is “nad” coz as u said nahada is fus7a

ps- ‘’ walahi enta adra " ====> moroccan version = wa nta t3ref

I said it spontaneously, but I really do appreciate correcting my egyptian words into darija along the way. I thought of opening a topic “to translate masri > darija” but that would be so selfish of me. So many thanks to you.

u must know that egyptian is now a part of the moroccan culture :smiley: many expression r used in darija comes from egyptian movies and series … so i dont find it selfish :wink:

oh really? I’m glad to know that :slight_smile: so one day I’d hear moroccans say “akher 7aga” this new word which means so very much, more than “awy”? I hope so :slight_smile:

Well, i see it selfish because others would not understand what this word i’m looking for its meaning, nor the equivalent word refers to what.
For example, i want to know the meaning of “khalas” and i got its darija equivalent, non-arab people would not share the info i gained cause they would have no idea on la hadi la hadi :slight_smile:

hahahahahahaha gret i really respecte egypte and egyptians but i haaaaaaaaaaaate when i hear a moroccan usin an egyptian word while we have its equivalent in darija :s

“akher 7aga” is a brand new word btw. Anyway, it’s the same here too. I dont like egyptian actors to act as someone shami or khaliji, they become a bit exaggerated. But I’ve never heard an Egyptian speaking Moroccan, only once, and she said wrong vocabs; she kept on saying “kteer kteer”, I just like the accent she used. So it’s like here
On the other hand, we like so much hearing Arabs speaking masri.

lol yeah einstein’s relativity

no really, we like it, although they often forget about “elgeem elmasria”

hahaha goooood girl … u know what we have against the elgeem elmasria loooll
so a masri says : inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi ragui3oun (in fus7a ‘‘raji3oune’’ )
ragui3oun in darija sounds like " rgui3 " , ‘’ nta katrgue3 ‘’ looollll which means ur totally wrong or ur doin sth in a bad way (and it is offensive sometimes )
so whenever i heard that in an egyptian movie i loooolll

see? we like to laugh and make others laugh as well, even in such situations, lol (jk)
whatever, this geem is so unique to us :stuck_out_tongue: and the letter qaf too is always 2. Anyway, sa3ayda say it “jeem”; we have everything, lol

dana sa3aydi w kelmeti matenzelchi l2ardi abadan hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mat hati chicha ya bet :stuck_out_tongue:

la this aint s3ydi. It belongs to 7anafi (in Ibn 7amido’s film), and u know what was the rest, eh? “khalas, 7atenzel elmarrady” :stuck_out_tongue:
wba3den enta khadt 3lya awy. bet!!! tab mafish chicha

hahahhaha aywa mahi 7atenzel kteeeeeeeer ezzahir … tab khalas matguibi chicha ya chatra :smiley:

sorry I don’t understand masri…

and how the hell did u know that was masri :open_mouth: !!!