A question for girls: what do you think of guys wearing necklaces?

We are not talking about gold ones, it’s 7aram to begin with…

any necklaces… you see a guy wearing a necklace, so you think…?

I think: where are your rings, bracelets, and earrings, sistah? Show me your jewelery box.
Seriously, it’s just not manly. All you can wear as an accessory, IMHO, is a nice watch, and cut the rest.

Girls, waddaya think?

Also interested in the opinions of non Muslim girls with us in the forum, so that we get a feminine perspective regardless of the religious considerations…

I hate when i see guys wearing two earings it makes me cringe wallah :huh:
i dnt mind when they wear a silver chain but i hate when men wear gold its 7aram but u still see men wearing it and it just looks nasty! as for rings…hmmmmmmm well they do have manly rings and the Prophet (s.a.w) did wear one :smiley:
But I hate when men have all 3 on them its just girly!!! :fouet:

alight, since you’re talking about other jewelry, then we can mention those as well…

rings are okay of course… especially engagement ones…
earrings are ewwww, seriously…

I hate chains and bracelets on men as well…

I dont understand why they wanna do it though! seriously its a women thing so why copy us?! :huh: LOL well i suppose they need something since we have makeup and jewlery so they feel the need to have “manly” jewlery to look nice haha lol

loll necklaces are ok for me, as long as they’re not gold… rings im fine with, i mean not 10, just 1 or 2 is ok. what i hate is piercings though, like earrings, noserings, eyebrow, chin etc etc… it’s just eew

speaking of manliness, course everyone wants a macho man but i don’t think a necklace gets in the way

ok girls, here’s a Q from me to you: what do you think of dudes with facial hair? do you prefer clean shaven or hairy mclairy?

I don’t care about what do men wearing really… they can wear everything they want…
but I really don’t like when man wear tooo much things the same time :stuck_out_tongue:
necklace ? ok
bracelets ? yeah … sometimes some guys look cool wearing it… but just not from gold… maybe leather…
earrings ? maybe… but just one… not in both ears lol
rings ? one is ok

and of course it depends on status of a man. If he is a sport guy its cool for him to wear something… it looks good
if he is a musician that things can complete his image…
but if he is an office worker and wears earrings or bracelets it looks crazy and funny :smiley:

and about LallaAicha’s question: clean shaven or 3-4 days after shaving are both ok for me…
mustache and beard ? noooooo… thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Just my opinion … lool … maybe here we have some guys with facial hair :wink:

[quote=LallaAïcha]what i hate is piercings though, like earrings, noserings, eyebrow, chin etc etc… it’s just eew

speaking of manliness, course everyone wants a macho man but i don’t think a necklace gets in the way[/quote]
agree 100% but ive never seen muslim guys have chin, lip etc piercings so its fine with me lol
as for clean shaven or not, it really puts me off guys when i see them with scruffy, unruly beards wallah
i think i like young guys with clean shaven faces coz its suits em but whn their 50 and still beardless then its annoying lol I like it when men have nice kept beards, u either have one and look after one or u dnt have one at all lol

lol mini, i reckon EVERY guy should have facial hair :stuck_out_tongue: i mean, there’s gotta be something apparent that distinguishes him from a woman… i don’t like clean shaven tbh, unless it REALLY looks awkward otherwise.

and about peircings on muslim guys, ive seen sooooo many, there were dudes in my class with tongue rings and sh**… gross! :roll:

and true, scruffy is a no no lollll

p.s: nice siggy

ewww seriously? well ive never seen that just eyebrow piercings and thats about it lol
aww shukran bzaf a 3icha :hap:

wow we have an expert in da houuuuuuse :smiley:

nice siggy back at ya hehe :okay:

I think its nice when guys have earrings x)

tayyyyfoukti, i can imagine the dude you’ll be marrying


HAHAHAHA eeww :stuck_out_tongue: lmfao, im going to have nightmares cuz of this guy now :stuck_out_tongue:

Im thinking more like this :smiley:

haaaahahaaaa he’s still ugly… WHYYYYYY OH TAFOUKT WHYYYY… why don’t u invest in something like this: ahaaa but what disturbs me is that he plucks his eyebrows!! im sure thats fine with u :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha nooo The Game is soo hot :stuck_out_tongue: im into the brown sugar naaaw i’m sayyyin xD lol i didn’t know that Jay Sean plucks his eyebrows, lol that’s gayish :P…i have some guy friends that does that too, not nice ;D

lolllll that is the grossest thing everrrrrr, whyyyy would a guy pluck his eyebrows whyyyy.

so answer the facial hair question… clean shaven or hairy?

Clean shaven:okay:


:stuck_out_tongue: everyone has their own choice, im just teasing :wink: