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salam, hi , salut à tous je suis nouveau et pour me familiariser avec le parlé marocain.
i use to speak english with my friend who lives in Tiznit because (as i don’t know Darija yet) i don’t speak my mother tongue (french) and she doesn’t speak her mother tongue (darija)(she can speak french).
i find it’s a good alternative for us.

merci pour l’aide à la traduction…

Welcome to the forum, Charlito :).
I thought you could speak French, I’ll stick to English then. If your friend doesn’t speak Darija, why are you learning it then? By the way, did you know that Tiznit is a Berber city? Nice place, known for good quality silver jewelery :).

Salam charlito76! :welcome:

Hello Charlito,

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan!

If I understand what you said, you meant:

  • Your friend is Moroccan, s/he speaks Darija (mother tongue), French and English.
  • You speak French (mother tongue) and English.
    And to be fair in terms of communication, you decided that neither of you should speak your mother languages, so you chose to communicate in English, as it is a foreign language for both of you.

I do that with my friends too! Helps me to make them understand that it’s not always evident to speak a foreign language. :wink: