A new comer: nadz1

hi im a new comer to this so pls make me welcome. i am very happy that i have found this sight. i love morocco. my mum is from there and i would like to learn more new things.


Welcome aboard, nadz1.

WELCOME nadz, mr7ba bik, make yourself feel at home :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your other half?

sorry my name is nadia. im from uk. and my other half is yemeni. but i would say i go to morocco alot. and were i live in uk i have yemeni friendss.
when i speak to my yemeni friends they find it hard to understand the moroccain lingo. its wierd but gr8 lol

ok awesome, thanks for the extra info :smiley: its always good to get to know newcomers more :slight_smile: enjoy your time here, no doubt that you will :slight_smile:

Hi from morocco! Welcome home. I knew here a girl half yemeni by father half yemení by mother. She was 20 ans something and born and grew in morocco. But she get the nationality only two years ago!

welcome nadia … enjoy it :wink:

Welcome Nadia
I hope nchallah you’ll enjoy your time with us :slight_smile:

chukran bzaaaf… is there anything i need to know about how these forums work or anythin. im new so just bit muddled. but doing ok so far… will be nice on gettin to no u all. were are u guys from and live.

Nadia make yourself at home. The forum is divided greatly and clearly as you see, and if you needed any translation there are loads of wonderful ppl to help you, there’re games, darija exercises, many wonderful things :slight_smile:

See you around sis :slight_smile:

Heeello Nadia and welcome :smiley: cool i’ve never heard of Moroccan-Yemeni mix ;D
I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here

C ya around

aww thanks i will get lookin still need to explore this, its intersting x

im glad to have u among us!

i have lots of yemeni friends :smiley: