A Little Help Here ;)

Hey there, kinda stuck here…

I’d like to know how to say:

I’m never…
i know that I never is ma ghamirni (pardon my spelling)
like: ma ghamirni mchit leuropa - i never went to europe

actually i have a guess :roll:
to say i’m never going to wear this jacket outside would you say ma ghamirni mn libs had jackiTa brra
if this is right than allahu akbar (: …if not, so help me God!

Another question:
There is this one little word or whatever it is in darija i don’t know where to use at times
When i want to ask what is there for me to do? you’d say ach kyn min der? (i think lol)
i want to know what exactly min means and when its supposed to be used…to be honest it drives me nuts! :stuck_out_tongue:

well thanks to anyone who helps, it’d be greatly appreciated! :^^:

  • I never & i am never are both expressed as “ma 3mmrni” + verb, what you said about Jakita is right.

  • It’s not “min”, it’s “ma” (ash kin MA yddar)
    ma = what —> ma hada (what’s this)
    ma = what —> hada ma kan (this is what happened)
    ma = not —> ma dert waloo (i did not do anything)
    ma = that —> kin shi ma yddar ? (is there sth that i can do ?)

[quote]ma = what
ma = what
ma = not
ma = that[/quote]
so ma can mean all of those?
i wonder how i’ll remember all that :stuck_out_tongue:

so is min even used in darija?


In Egyptien Darija it means “who?”

what the? man, don’t i feel dumb…:hm:

so if i wanted to say either what, not, or that in a sentence i’d use ma, right?
because now i’m confused on when i’m supposed to use it
but i’ve got a bit of an idea when with the sentences you’ve showed me using ma

just a small note
the egyptian darija is “meen” but forget about that so you won’t get confused
“who” in moroccan darija is “chkon”

there’s also min/mn in moroccan darija (kinda like or slightly shorter than the english word “men”) is a preposition means “from”, there’s also "mn qabl (before) and mn ba3d (after)

sorry if that was off topic, but just an info I wanted to add, and plz darijans correct me if there’s sth wrong in pronunciation. Thanks :slight_smile:


now i’m a bit confused. i get what you’re saying Gretchen and i knew about the ‘mn qabl’ and ‘mn ba3d’
but didn’t PB just say there isn’t a min in darija…

how would you say: how many bananas do you have?
here’s my guess: ch7al min banan hndik?
does this work: ch7al mn banan hndik?

min the ‘in’ being pronounced as the ‘in’ in english
i’m possibly spelling it incorrectly and confusing myself to death…but i sure didn’t mean ‘meen’.

another thing:
is mn a comparative sort of word, such as when your comparing two things.
like when you’re talking about musa being taller than khalid
would you say: twal mn khalid (?)

…any help is good :wink:

  • “min” is the original word from Fos7a Arabic, the Moroccan is “mn”, can also be said “men”

  • ch7al mn banana [large]3[/large]ndek ?

  • yes, “mn” is used also in comparison.

Mimi, are you Moroccan ?

ah, i finally get it :^^: chokran bzaaf!

yes, i am…is it obvious somehow or was that just a random question? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to know who i’m explaining to, so i don’t mess things up for them more :slight_smile:

that’s thoughtful :slight_smile:

another little question:
how would you say the word “but” in darija

i like this shirt, but it’s too expensive
3jabni hd trikou, ___ gh3li bzaf (?)

but in darija is walakin, and it comes from MSA i guess…

so… 3jabni had trikou walakin howa ghal bzzaf

natives are more than welcome to correct me if i’m wrong

actually that’s what i was looking for…it was my darija-block again :hm:
i swear whenever i want to say something i never know how to say it
than when i ask and someone tells me i’m like D’OH! face palm :stuck_out_tongue: lol

thanks lalla :wink: llah khlik

you’re most welcome a mimi :slight_smile:

and about the darija block ma3liiiiiiiiiiiish i get it alllll the time, i even get english blocks what u on about :smiley: u probably figured that one from the other thread haha… i embarrass myself tooooo often

face palm reminds me of the trick we used to do when we were young, “if your face is smaller than your hand that means you got cancer” and when the kid tries to test it by putting his hand onto his face you smack his/her hand so hard that they get a sore squashed face :smiley:

llah ybark fik

:rofl: we used to do it too

i bet moroccans invented that trick anyway :smiley:

:rofl: we used to do it too[/quote]
hahaha samee! :lol: i remember i feel for it once…it was not cool :neu:

i bet moroccans invented that trick anyway :D[/quote]
lol it’s a possiblity…moroccans are always playing tricks, i always fall for them though :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: the first time i fell for it was when my bro did it to me, after that i was super cautious :smiley:
which reminds me of the time i smelt Hydrochloric acid in Chemistry class once and i almost fainted, it stung my nose sooooo bad, i can’t explain that awkwardness… then i went around and told people to smell it too saying it’s the scent is beautiful, it was hilarious seeing people’s face expressions after smelling it, i can feel the nostril pain that shook them hhhhh good times…

didn’t your teacher ever tell you its dangerous to smell any of the stuff you use during a lab ? lol
i remember in high school when people would try and get high from the chemicals and some would get detention
they made it a big deal not to smell or drink any chemicals…

funny trick though :stuck_out_tongue:

lol of coooourse she did, but who listens… i was like in year 10 or something, thank GOD those days are over :cool: