a great du3a2 by Tarik Ramadan


it sounds so beautiful & there’s a guy in there that looks like Medine, could be him

thanks 4 posting

who is medine ?

“DON’T PANIKKKKK”, that boldy dude

is it bold or bald, i think its baldy


oooooh you fish brain

–> Medine lbaldy

didnt know him looll im not supposed to know all d singers of the world and remember that i dont listen to french

I do, that’s a good enough reason for you to as well.


11 posts left to hit the 3000

looooollll i will catch u soon dear :stuck_out_tongue:

neverrrrrrrrrr, when you’re all asleep i will post like a headless chook in the forum, even if that means im gonna fail my exam hhhh

ehem ehem watch it

hell noooo not ur exam … ok ok i will never catch safi i promise :slight_smile:

haaaa its funny when you pretend you care, even though you don’t… t malin toi xD

no its ok, you can beat me with your posts, it’ll be the only think you beat me in anyway… mskin nta

duuuude beating isnt from the words i care of a lot … we r not created to beat eachother … i believe that we’re created to live in harmony :wink:

haaaaaaaa so now you want peace and harmony? LOL tell those words to algeria, not me

yeah btw while ur callin them tell 'em this … its not us who started the war and its not us who dont want to stop it

whatever you say vampo, anything else? :roll:

if they have any hot chick there :stuck_out_tongue: they can send it to me as a gift and i’ll forget about the war :smiley: