37 year old male from Almeria, Spain

Hello to everyone,

I registered some months ago but forgot to introduce myself!

I’m an English teacher in a secondary school in El Ejido, Almeria. There are lots of Moroccans in this city, many coming from rural or poor areas. I feel more and more the necessity to speak darija Arabic, since most of the Moroccan children I teach (and their parents) only speak darija and can’t understand fusha Arabic. I’ve been learning fusha for five years at the School of Languages in Almeria and hopefully I will graduate next June. I find darija impressively difficult due to the lack of vowels, the speed it is spoken with and the difference between speakers coming from different parts in Morocco.

I hope to learn a few things from this forum. Thank you to you all who make it possible!

welcome to the forum where you will indeed learn lots and lots of darija :slight_smile: i hope you find what you’re looking for, and more, actually :smiley:

see you around!!

This is realy a pity…when people send their children outside the country while they don’t recognize even Arabic, let alone English or Spanish…

This is really not your problem, but i apreciate the fact that you’re trying to help those people…

You’re welcome.

Thank you for your welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to SM
hope u enjoy ur time and learn some darija with us :wink: