Zahi & lfaraka ... ?


dima zahi

baraka mn lfaraka

hello hello noone there???

i’m adding a question:

how do you say “more” and “less” in darija

thanks… for ignoring me. :stuck_out_tongue:

zahi litterally means in a fantastic manner, confortable, satisfied.
In the contest, it means sth like i’m always high / in a good mood.

Frraka is a piece of wood formed like the teeth of a crockodile, used to be (& still) used for cleaning cloths. it’s supposed to be instead of this keyboard

more: ktar
Less : 9all

YAYYY thanks superBird!! great explanation :okay:

It was barely 24 hours after your first request, very patient girl :P.

For a more visual explanation, here is what the ferraka looks like:

Now take PB’s photo, and replace the keyboard with the ferraka. That’s how the real image is. As PB explained, the ferraka is a tool used to clean cloths. It helps you achieve two objectives: 1) Scrub cloths real hard to remove all stains. 2) Peel skin off your hands (joke). I have used ferraka before, of course, and I know it’s not the softest thing on your hands.
Baraka mn lfrraka is a slogan used by a washing powder product, to convince people (women) that they no longer need to scrub hard with the ferraka. You just use that washing powder, and stains will be removed by magic!
I don’t see many people use lfrraka anymore by the way… The slogan might actually have worked like a charm.

I will try to find you the ad in question for “baraka mn lfrraka”.

Thanks very fast girl =p