Youtube Superstars in South Park

This is a south park scene where some Youtube stars are featured hilariously.
Original scenes are mixed with SP scene by youtube user.
The best part is when they start exterminating each other :rofl:


hahahah NUMA NUMA

LOLLL chris crocker (was that his name?) “LEAVE PANDA ALOOOONE” xD

The best was the baby & the panda ripping peoples’ heads off

thanks for posting, this was funny as

hhhhhhhhhh thats was soo hilarious thank you so much for sharing

hehe “sweet i think we’re next in line now” <— :rofl:

this is the video that the guys recorded that they went to collect the money for.
It’s also a parody of a gay singer was on youtube (Samwell i think)

u can watch the whole episode here, it’s hilarious.

I know only some of those famous videos, and can’t understand why the rest were that famous for no big deal… The panda’s is definitely my favorite…
I didn’t like the whole first video though, the blood shedding at the end was plain disgusting… can’t understand how it would make you guys laugh :stuck_out_tongue: but hey, l2adwaq la tonaqach

and what??? in the butt??? what was that???

The episode is originally not about youtube stars, this scene just was included for if it wasn’t this wouldn’t be SouthPark.
The episode is called “Canada On Strike” & it parodies the US writers strike. i find the head of the Canadian bureau just freakin hilarious in away that makes this episode my #2 favourite in all SPs (cuz i watched them all).

aaaa, mmmm cough eehhh !!! nothing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

***** sorry, double post.