Your Name In Japanese / Votre prénom en japonais

This is a meme that is going around blogs. Try to see what does your name sound like in Japanese.

Essayez de voir ce que ça donne pour vos prénoms en japonais :^^:.

Kaaririnka :mdr:.

At least it’s easy to memorize.

Hi kaaririnka!
I’m RIKITUKA :lol: :lol:

I know how to write my name in Japanese letters too :smiley:

Rikituka, did you learn the Japanese symbols?

uff… mine sounds like a bad word :blink:

[quote=Ayita78]uff… mine sounds like a bad word :blink:
Not really. In Arabic, kaffuka means your hand.

Ok that is not tooo bad :slight_smile:

bon moi c’est pas terrible:

Memodotomodozi :huh:

Karinkitoku :flag:


jikijiki mmmm that doesn’t sound right lol i guess is not that bad huh!!!:wink:

That’s the easiest to say and remember, jikijiki :D.

Not really but there was a “Japanese Week” in our uni and they taught us how to write our names and I think they told me there was a mountain in Japan called Hiba but I’m not sure if I understood maybe they meant something else :smiley:

i think mine is the wierdest so far :smiley:
try to pronounce it

Don’t worry, we’ll make it bearable, Shikaki :smiley:
(Shikaki, shi maaaashi kaki LOL)


This is a cool way to make them say there real names without noticing it … :lol:
my is
Rindoto911 :mdr: LOL

Not all of them did it :^^:, they mostly converted their nicknames into Japanese, like YOU did ;).

kutakiariku… :unsure:
very funny but, after a long and intense reflexion with myself, I keep “Elise”, it’s easier to pronunce and remember! :^^:

chirikikushishifu ! c’est rigolo :mdr: