you and me or how to link personal pronouns

I have a question about the personal pronouns
if you want to say you and me, do you say, ana w nta, or i think i have heard in morocco that it"s better to say ana wiyya-k, is it right??

and for the others personal pronouns, does it work the same, for instance, ana wiyyaha, ana wiyya-kum???

Thanks for the answer

You and me is Ana wiyyak. It’s also the title of a Moroccan sitcom.
Ana wiyyak (me and you (s.f/s.m) is originated from MSA.

Similarly, we say:
Ana wiyyakom = Me and you (plural)
Ana wiyyah = Me and him
Ana wiyyaha = Me and her
Ana wiyyahom = Me and them

What yu said all is right ! “ana wiyak anawiakum…etc” but also “ana w nta/ana w nti” are right.

for you as a non-darija speaker, “ana w nta” will sound very normal from you, & you don’t worry about people laughing at you because of it or sth. however, we mostly use the other form : ana wiyak, it’s originally “ana w iyak”
“wiyak” litterally means “with you” & it changes according to the number of people & their position (present/abscent)

Ana wiyyak (me & you) <<< for masculin & feminin singular present
Ana wiyyakom (me & you) <<< for masculan & feminin plural present

Ana wiyyah/ha (me & him/her) <<< masc/fem singular abscent
Ana wiyyahom (me & them) <<< masc/fem plural abscent

Note: abcsent doesn’t necissarily mean they’re not there, but just in case you’re talking about them (refering to them even if they’re present)

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Barakallahoufikoum for your answers!

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