Yoghurt terminology

[large]The Moroccan Arabic Vocabulary site (word 115) explains that ??? is used for commercial, European-style yoghurt no matter what the brand.

But there is a native, home-made yogurt that I have seen written only in Latin letters, as “raibe” or “raipe.” The root is no problem; ??? ??? is used in the same sense in MSA. But I would liike to see how you would write the Darija word in Arabic letters.

Also, there are two steps in the preparation of this sort of food: fermentation that thickens the milk (producing “set yogurt”), and optionally a second process of draining off the whey, traditionally in a bag or in a pot of porous earthenware (producing “strained” or “drained” or “whey-drained” yoghurt).

So my next question is, what do you call the strained yoghurt (in other parts of the Arab world, it will be ??? ; in Egypt & Sudan, ??? . . . .

And what are the terms for “whey,” “starter,” etc?

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Interesting topic… thank you !
first thing i’d like to notice that the darija first time existed was with french letters… when i say “existed”, i mean when people or moroccan governement started to classified it as a language among arabic & french. Actually, you can write it with arabic or french letters, just make it a choice !!

Second thing, the brand “Danone” is the fisrt yogurt’s brand existed in morocco… so people made from this name the name of this fermentation produced from milk. So when you hear people say “i want danone” make sure they only ask for yugurt.
The same story for Tide, laundry detergent’s brand, first one introduced in morocco, and we still hear “3afak bghiti tide ARIEL” which means "i want a tide of Ariel (ariel is a laundry detergent’s brand too newly came to morocco).

I hope you got what i write to you !! :°)

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For Raibe, i think it’s the pink plastic glass “Raibe Jamila” that you’re talking about ! i suppose so…it’s written r-a-y-b-y in Arabic (rae-alif-yae-bae-yae).

For the milk shaked traditinally in a bag, that’s what we call simply “lben”, it’s even written on bottles.
& for the “zabady” it’s like Dafir said, all is danone…

sorry for the quick reply , i’d give u more, i 'm just busy& didn’t want to live u without answer

he wants to “live” you with answers hhhh live him a khoya live him XD

no PB they dont have raib in the chamel? if you go into any ma7laba in fes, caza, some in rbat (rbat sucks for food in my opinion), there you can find a small glass or a big glass or a bowl of raib, i think most ppl eat it in the afternoon, kids after school, some 7archa and raib, its the perfect snack…they make it there in the ma7laba, you eat it there and give back your spoon and glass…its usually a little bit sweet i think there is sugar added

sorry oldtimer i dont know how they make it or what is the difference…but it doesnt really taste very fermented like some yoghurt, it tastes very plain and sweet usually, very little yoghurty ‘tang’…its also made fresh every day in most places i believe…for these reason i would guess at the whey straining technique…its usually a little watery or whey-ey on top and i like to mix it up with my spoon first.

raibi that PB mentioned is a commercial brand of this, which comes in a pink plastic cup and is rouman flavored, more watery than real raib, you drink it out of the cup, dont need a spoon…most ppl like 2 poke a hole in the top and sip like that…

there are also a couple other commercial brands (i think i remember the vanilla danon brand?) that say raib on them that they sell in the 7anout.

who said there’s no raib in shamal ?

im asking you if they have rayb in the chemal bc you told him this for rayb?

I thought he means rayby because of the “e” in the end (raibE)

btw, i put pomegranate sirup in lben to have a home made rayby.

mmm that sounds good

he wants to “live” you with answers hhhh live him a khoya live him XD[/quote]
wili lalla3icha… 7chouma !!

no sooori hadi makat7achamch

When I was in Rabat last summer, we had some raibi in a small café/patisserie, 'cuz my cousins who live there love it… I was not a big fan though, it was too sweet and had no other taste than sugar. Plus the consistency was way too “gooey” (don’t know how to explain) for my taste, it wasn’t as soft as yoghurt. Like previously mentioned it was served in a bowl of glass with a spoon to eat it with :slight_smile: