Yassine's Clip

Here it is:

He is also one of the three winners of last year’s edition of Studio 2M, for this category of singing, obviosly.
Now what I want to know is: If this is the kind of songs Moroccan youth likes to listen to (Usher and the like), do you like them all the same when they are made by Moroccan singers? I mean does it look all natural to them to see that clip? It’s -at least for me- nothing like the Moroccan culture.

I qualify a song by a great one if I’d like to listen to it over and over without getting fed up with it right away. Yassine’s doesn’t fit in that.
I do like the part when he goes like “stop where do you wanna go, let’s keep going with the flow”, or something like that… I liked the rythm of that part, but the rest isn’t really my thing.

Waiting for your opinions.