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Assalamu alaikum

Morocco celebrates 55th anniversary of King and People’s Revolution

Rabat, Aug. 19 - Moroccans will celebrate, on Wednesday August 20,
the 55th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, a
landmark in the country’s history that illustrates the heroic
struggle of the Alaouite Throne and Moroccan people against French

On the same day back in 1953, the French colonial authorities
exiled the Alaouite royal family after the Late King Mohammed V -
grandfather of king Mohammed VI- refused to sign decrees consecrating
French domination over Morocco.

This anniversary is an opportunity to look back at the
achievements of the three monarchs who led the country through the
different stages of its history, namely, late Mohammed V and Hassan
II, and the current king Mohammed VI.

It is also an occasion to hail the efforts and sacrifices of the
Moroccan people, who offered lives and money to achieve the
independence of the country and subsequently to place it amongst the
democratic, modern, moderate and open countries.

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Assalamu alaikum

Makayen moshkil! Bla jmil!! T’halla f’rasak!

Wa Salam

Assalamu alaikum SM
Above should I have used ma shi moshkil instead of makayen moshkil???

3alaïk salam ya habrifaqir

i think “mâ kayn moshkil” is the same thing as “mâ shi moshkil”. there are two expressions similars.

shokran wa 7tta nta thlla f rask. :hap:

Assalamu alaikum Kounouz

Yes, I was aware that makayen moshkil and ma shi moshkil are quite similar. What I was aking Simply Moroccan (SM) was this, is one used more than the other or is one used in certain circumstances and the other in different circumstances?

Wa Salam

Wa33alaikom essalam

Thank you habrifaqir mabruk lilMaghreb :smiley: