Would really appreciate a translation of this

Please translate to English if you could, and also let me know of any underlying meanings behind it, thanks:

ihaja li matchbah molaha hram

It litterally means: the thing that is not like its owner, is “cursed” <— not literally cursed, but couldn’t find the right word…it says “hram”, you know what “hram” means in Islam, however, “hram” in this contest is not literar either (has nth to do with religion).

The expression is often said either as a joke or when talkin behind somone’s back or sth !
Like if your computer is playin on you, you get angry & say: “Damn ! this gay computer !” , they say, lhaja li matshbah l moolaha hram, meaning that by saying the computer is gay, you’re saying you’re gay too, because the thing must be like its owner .

Thank you for the traslation Paperbird but I’m still a little confused about the meaning. If someone said this to me in online chat knowing I would not know the meaning should I take offense? Is it a rude thing to say to someone? If you could elaborate on the meaning I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

It depends on what were you talking about, others can’t say this expression by theirselves, you have to talk badly about sth you own so they say that to you. & it is oftens just a joke. you only take offense when that person doesn’t know you & you’re having a controversial conversation.

The meaning is like i said, “the thing that is not like its owner is cursed”, which means your cell phone must be like you, if you say sth bad about your cell phone, they say the expression to indicate that you’re like your cell phone or what’s in the cell is in you too.

in english somebody says ‘ah this phone is so annoying’ and you say ‘yeah it’s perfect for you’, also kind of close 2 the meaning is when you say ‘it takes one to know one’ haha…ta7diri comeback…

Exactley :okay: , but according to the contest it would be “it takes one to have one”