words that i have learnt today (can you help make sure they are right)

the word that i have learnt today…and used in a conversation english/moroccan is:

a3edok = promise

Next step: to use a3edok in a conversation!can anyone help???


A3edok is in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). In Moroccan Darija that would be: kanwâ3dk = I promise (to you). You can notice that both verbs have the same root.

Example of use:
Kanwâ3dk 3mmrnî mâ nensâk = I promise (to you) to never forget you.
Kanwâ3dk ntsnnâk = I promise (to you) to wait for you.

shukran, i need to stop getting the two confused, can’t you tell i am a beginer :smiley: ! i will get there in the end!!! :ok:

It’s okay.
Keep posting words you learn, I will be correcting them for you.

word i have learnt today is

mah-lesh = no big deal??? is this standard arabic???

and Khaf = wary ???

next step: to put into a sentance :^^:

kifwalou < this is more of moroccan dialect/ ma3lish is aslo used .

Kîf wâlô= That’s no bi deal. Literally: That’s like nothing (happened).
Ma3lish is not purely Moroccan, it’s rather Egyptian to me… But we still use it.
Khâf = To be scared, to worry about someone.

Try to make sentences, and I’ll correct them for you.

Ma3lish is also frequently used in Algeria. I didn’t know kifwalou. Thats the word I learnt today :wink:
I love this section.

tnkhaf la ghadi nensa kull darija, 3endi bezzaf dyal khedma w shwija dyal weqt!!!

the word i have learnt today is…

telfaza: television :smiley:

hope that is correct :^^:

I use this word : tilfaza (isn’t it MSA ?)

Re. Marilyn’s sentence

tnkhaf la ghadi nensa kull darija, 3endi bezzaf dyal khedma w shwiya dyal weqt

I need help with translation / structure , please

I think the first part means something like 'I’m worried I’ll forget all (my) darija"
but I’m confused about the t- and the ‘la’

I think I understand the second part : I have a lot of work, and little time

thanks in advance - shukran 3la lmusa3ada dyalek.
(love your picture , Marilyn !)

and the word I learnt today - from a student in Sale, who I have contact with through the language exchange site sharedtalk.com

fkr fi - to think about

and can I add the sentence I needed it for : kanfkr fi lmaghreb kul nhar
( and I may add - look forward to going there again next year !) :smiley:

@ lisec: I’ll try to explain,
First of all, I made a mistake it should be ta-nkhaf ( I’m afraid )
and I learnt in my book you can say ta nkhaf LA if a sentence follows ( I’m afraid THAT…)
or ta nkhaf men if a word follows, for example tankhaf men l’ mu3llim
= I’m afraid of the theacher.

Kounouz, SM is all this ok???:crazy: