words here and there

hello! during my study on moroccan peace corps i came trough some words i don’t know the meaning,ask everybody here for some help

these sentences i need translation from eng to darija

where are you going(m) <-----i mean now,in this moment(not future)

next time i’ll go with you(pl) to marrakech

I’m french and i’m not sure of my answers. you’ll have to check up
Nevertheless, i thonk
drari = children
sharika = firm
ghda = lunch
jami3a = university
flfla = pepper (green or red)
where rae you going? = fin ghadi
next time i’ll go with u to marrakech = merra ukhra ghadi nmchi m3akum L marrach

l-Ghda = tomorrow (?)

next time i’ll go with you(pl) to marrakech

m3kum (with you: plural)
m3ak (with you: singular)