Women's Health

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I would like to know if in morocco they have natural remedies specific processes women go through for example:

Menstruation and Menopause.

How do the moroccan women cope with cramps without taking paracetamol or other medication?

Or if a woman is going through menopause, are there any herbal remedies that can help with the symptoms of menopause?

If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts


A number of herbal supplements are on the market to help women deal with their menopause symptoms. Many women don’t know what the symptoms of menopause and premenopause are or what safe menopause solutions exist. So i think this is best way to get the information. Thank you.

hello…m married and my age is 26… i would like to discuss my problem relating preganancy…m 7 months married and i want to have a baby…my periods cycle was good…in march i got the signs of prgancy as my date was over but after 10 days i got my periods…i consult the doctor she told me that my prgnancy was weak fromnthe day first then after that she suggested me to not tyo get prgannet in april…as if i again loose my pregancy…then now its after 2months my periods cycle is changed i got my periods after my due date it was never happend to me before…
what shouldi do now…as i really wanna get preganet as soon as possible…

peatar this is the wrong place to ask for help, none of us know what u can do besides see a specialist doctor…
and all the best :slight_smile: hope things go well for u!!

I liked this thread and even I wanted to know how they deal with this things and with what problems they have to deal everyday. I have been doing a lot of research on this thing as I am a pharmacist and I have been making medicines since a long time to help the women.

Soybeans are best herbal remedy for menstruation and menopause. These two problems are the major headache for women above 42. St. John’s Wort is also beneficial for a woman to elevate mood who facing menopause and feeling depressed. For vaginal dryness Aloe Gel is good option.Black Cohosh,comes in the form of tablet,is used for pain of muscles, headache and irregular bleeding. To come out from nervous system,tension & insomnia Valerian is used.