Woman Falling From the Roof

A beautiful woman was walking on the roof
of a building and she fell down.
On her way falling down, an American man caught her.
She said: ‘Oh thank you, you saved my life; I’ll do ANYTHING for you…’
The man said: ‘Okay then, kiss me.’
She said: ‘You PIG!! NEVER!!’
So he said:‘FINE!’ and he dropped her down…
So she’s falling and screaming…

Suddenly a German man caught her in the air from his balcony.

She said:‘Oh thank you, you saved me; I’ll do anything that you ask…’
The guy said: ‘Fraulein, kiss me.’
She replied: ‘Oh you nasty pig!!! NEVER!’
So the man said: ‘Fine!!!’ and he also dropped her down again.
She’s falling and thinking that it was better if she kissed one of those men and now she’s going to die.
Suddenly, a man caught the woman from his balcony.
She said: ‘Oh thank you, you saved my life, I’ll kiss you!!’

The man replies:

‘Astaghfiro Allah’

and dropped her!


hhhhh sag3a tma b9at, bosi bosa khfifa ou nodi nayda :rofl:

Wiiiiiiiiiili! Ash had lhdra ya Loubna, Allah yhdik :no:.

Haha! But just as you are learning German, nobody says Fräulein anymore.

ya someone told me this one before :smiley: lol

you know i was kidding right? :mdr: … 3raftii kantfaker dak dikor, kayestii b da7k lolll

Dâk shî mâ fîhsh dd7k :D. Astaghfiro Allah! :smiley:
I can’t believe I posted this joke :^^:.

@ Nuwwara:
Ja! My German teacher told us that in fact!

Wa ghir believe it, daba li3ta allah 3tah :^^:

Astaghfiro Allah :D.