"WILLI WILLI" (i need help)

HI i am Muneeb from Pakistan… Born in Morocco and live in Saudi arabia. I been to morocco when i was a little kid ( tangier, Meknas, Rabat ) to visit my Relatives there. This year i am planning to go back after several years. So i need all your peoples help to learn darija quickly so that i can communicate easily with people in morocco

starting from phone conversation

how are u ?

wat about u ?

may i speak to …

can you give the phone to …

how is everything ?


Welcome to the forum, Muneeb :). You request is moved to the translations forum, you can re-post an intro about yourself in the new members forum to let others welcome you.

Now let’s get to your sentences:

how are u ? = Kî dâyr? (M.S) / Kî dâyra? (F.M) / Kî dâyrîn? (Plural)

wat about u ? = O ntâ? (M.S) / O ntî? (F.S) / O ntôma? (Plural)

may i speak to … = Hmmm You mean over the phone? You’re calling to speak to Amal for example, then you ask “is Amal there?” = Kâyna Amal?.

can you give the phone to … = Tqdr (M.S) / Tqdrî (F.S) tdwwzî liyyâ…

how is everything ? = Kol shî bîkhîr? [= Is everything okay?)

I hope this helps. Did you learn Arabic while in KSA?

perfect translation!

Thanks, MarocRulz :).