Who wants a new avatar?

If you don’t like the gallery we have on SpeakMoroccan [Profile -> Personality -> Change avatar], here are a few more to choose from:





Love them too, especially the animated sparky ones. I even took one. Who thought I’d give up my little cute Berber avatar!
I also adjusted the avatar settings so these avatars can fit in.

Thanks bnita. I have been away for sometime and I think changing my avatat should be the best re-start!

Welcome back, Yassine :).

L.Aicha ! where’s your avi :huh: do u need a new one :angel:

OWW no i’m just playing plaiiiiiin now :smiley: thanks akhoya though, I LOVED your other one, i still have it on my pc, i just want to stay without an avatar/sig for now, and when i get bored of THAT too, i’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks! :slight_smile: