who the hell is Lady Gaga?

Just read someone mention her in the forum now, and remembered how often I saw that name around the internet lately… Crayzay!
What the hell is the thing with her? I just tried to check a video clip of hers now… just to have an idea, you know… and it has the hell of 85 MILLION views… what’s the story people? can anyone enlighten me?

i really like Lady gaga … in just one years she became from the best ila magoltch the best pop singer … there r ppl who compares her with Madonna … and say that Lady Gaga is the future queen of pop after Madonna …
she has a great song called just dance … she wrote it in 20 minutes , and it is from the best songs of 2009
another thing , lady gaga was accepted in one of the most prestigious colleges in the states …
for more info … just google her im sure u’ll be surprised

hmmmmm when i used to listen to music i used to like dance and poker face good songs
hamdolilah i stoped now . still have temptations but ill survive
she is so famous and i know that mad loves her i can feel that right mad ???

Cartman singing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

damn, they disabled embedding, here’s a link


duuuude i listen to her everyday … bad romance now is from my best songs ever :stuck_out_tongue: especially when she sings in french loooolll i like her accent

omg!!! i love lady gaga. shes out there like me.

I heard she’s a she-male, in fact i read it somewhere.

really :open_mouth: ??? hahahahaha i dont care im not goin to sleep with her …
i like her songs

for some reason i don’t have any interest in english songs

les gout et les couleurs ca se discute pas :slight_smile:

bien surrrr, mais mon gout c meilleur que le tien, ca c evident non

hahahahahahha oui oui its evident that ur retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

retarded w bikhir :hap:

hahahhahaha u know dik l3iba dial ‘’ 7mar w bikhir ‘’ ???

haaaaha all i know is this

yeah thats it :smiley: i was plannin to buy their t-shirts but i changed my mind im not a fan of donkeys :smiley: