Which darija accent is this?

merci kheya bezafe bezafe 3la kelechi li kate9ademe lina merciiiiiii

I would take kheya for a typo, but after you see kelechi, you will definitely deduct that it’s not a coincidence.
1st hypothesis: The person is living abroad, and thus her/his spelling is affected by the language he/she speaks. You know, like Moroccans living in Germany who used sch a lot to spell sh/ch, and the like.
2nd hypothesis: The person is not Moroccan, but doing well trying to speak the language. If so, my guess would be that the person is Lebanese/Syrian, given that they say kol shi as kel eshi.

Clueless. Can you provide a context?

Synonymous of nari, explained more in detail by me here.

  • Don’t embarass me.- I hope/pray that you will not embarass me.In the sense that the person would recommend you for something mathalan, and you put her/him in a bad situation. Or you ask your kids to behave well in front of the kids, et ne pas te faire honte devant eux.


Oh come on ! i was just saying my opinion :angel: i’m sorry i didn’t mean to be harsh on you :blush:perhaps i should have used smileys to show my real feelings :)as you saw, i asked a question myself to make sure which accent is that :lol: so , none of us knows everything :hap: Sorry again ;)[/quote]

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Why the excitement?

Thank you LallaAïcha for bringing this topic back to life :).

I also said that a reader sent me another possible explanation:

[quote=azzeddine i]""Kelechi ( le tout ou toute chose) est aussi une prononciation à consonance proche du parler juif du Mellah (kel’ssé plus exactement). Certains accents libanais, palestiniens, juifs sont voisins.
ll faut écouter un enregistrement audio pour le rendu de l’accent.[/quote]
Many thanks to Azzedine for writing to me about this.

YES! I totally forgot about that, thanks a lot.

[quote=LallaAïcha]Thanks a lot SM, the wili explanation was hilarious, i loved the little childrens poem thingy at the end, i had to note it down :slight_smile:

deunma had no context actually, it was just splatted on its own, hopefully i will ask its owner to translate it for me, must be a typo or something

Jzakllah khir akhty, you’re always on the ball, much appreciated :ty:[/quote]