where is...where are

As salamu aleikum. I’d know how to write “where is” “where are”…I know to say this phrases, but not to write in a correct way. Finaya (fem)/finawa (masc)/finawma (pl)…noooo, it’s not correct!! 3fek, help me insha Allah!!

finaya it sounds like fin hiya
finawa like fin howa (but in both cases it is referred to a person hiya (f) howa (m) )
and so if just want to say where is/where are you can say fin… (ex. where is the car?-------> fin l tomobil? )

i’m still a learner,this is my little help…

You’re both right.
Muhajira, I see that you got the sentences phonetically, but are confused as to how they are constructed, so let me help you a little bit.
As you know, where is feen. Now, Sarah’s version of “where is something?” is correct, but to answer your question, the structure alsogoes like this:
Fin + personal pronoun.
Where is he/masculine noun = Fin howa. However, this sounds a bit heavy, so we throw in a little a to make it smoother: fina howa.
Fina hia = Where is she/feminine noun.
Fina homa = Where are they/masculine or feminine plural
Fin ana = Where am I?

When addressing people though, the rule changes:
Where are you? (f/m sing.) = Finek?
Where are you? (f/m plur.) = Finkom?

Note that you can both say fin ttomobil, and fina hia ttomobil.

If any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Subhana Allah, very very useful…thank you!! Some days ago I had a doubt about my sentence to some children: “Fin lkora jdid?” and I was not sure it was correct (I thought it was better to use “fin howa”). You made me everything clear, jazak’Allahu khairan. Thanks to Sarah, too!!

thanks for the explanation,very clear and useful :ok: