where are you? in derja

salam/salut and hi everyone

how would someone say “where are you?” in derja… is it “feenak”? or just perhaps “nta feen?” i dunno… i need help on this one…:blink:

thanks… :hap:

wa alaikom essalam

I think feenek ir nta feen both have the same meaning “where are you?”

We actually do not say “nta feen”. The correct expression is “finek?” for where are you.


ok thanks to all of you =D i really appreciate it… i;ll be using that expression for a long lost moroccan friend of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again fam =]

You can also use the typical: wa feeeeen! This is sometimes used even as a greeting, “wassup!”

haha thanks for that SM =] much appreciated…

wa feeeen sounds better…