When everything is... transparent!

How cool is that?

You know the Arabic word for transparent? It’s shaffâf.

Here are more:

Nice. Don’t forget the new iMac though.
3ajbni teffáh. hada wa7d lli shaffâf shwiya.

@ SM Yes,wow, cool indeed !! - and thanks for teaching us a new word in such an interesting way :okay:

@ maaten ana kadalek (can you say that ?) 3ajbni teffah. / I also like Apple (computers). Hadn’t thought of calling my computer ‘my teffah’ :^^:

OMG these are fantastic, i think the scariest experience would be boarding that boat and seeing everything under you =/ that would freak me out so much i’d probably faint

theyre amazing !:blink:
thanks :smiley: