What's your real age? (Test)

Oh my! Regardless of how old I am, this test says my real age is 10.6! ROFLASOL (go figure).
Come on, how old are you REALLY?

21 …:slight_smile:

It’s not good to get more age than you actually really are, but neither is getting a younger age good, huh? :hm:


oh my god Im -4,7 ,
nice test .

LOL That means that you’re extra extra careful? When you don’t smoke, then your real age according to the test is less that you really are, same when you eat healthy. When you smoke for example, then you are much older than what you really are. So when you get a - age, then you’re pushing things to the extreme. Just in interpretation.


Almost half my IQ… not too bad !

I repeat: It’s not so good to find out that your age is MORE than how old you really are. It means that you’re not taking much care of yourself? You smoke?
Anyways, we can not rely on the test 100%, but it still was fun to take ;).

16.7, c’est comment Docteur?:lol:

Pas aussi pire que le mien :^^:. Mais il vaut mieux être prudent et moins âgé que l’on est en realité, qu’être beaucoup plus âgé selon le test.

24.8 :clap: That’s 5 years off :slight_smile: Not to bad…

Aha, that’s good. Maybe the best result among us all?
I might have to retake the test…

15.4 :no:
But I didn’t know what race to choose :smiley:

I don’t remember what I chose either, I just chose whatever ;).