What's Your Mood Like Right Now?

Hellish of mad… Ma 7amlash to see anything technical right now, no php, no databases… And I need badly a :sman:
Awful mood…


Well im sad and pissed with god and with the laws of my country

but i feel more or less fine, and im realizing myself that we will be happier and better persons and fathers and so on… on the future, if the the small things like the respect with nature, and the day after day that we are were in earth, that we look at the sky and say im alive and the stars are so beatifull, the small details are making me change and i never thought that could happean.

Well my eng is not the best, but my french sucks :wink:

Current mood?
The none-of-your-business mood.

blah mood

Total indifference!

ok moood