What's the story of your name?/ Quelle est l'histoire de ton prénom?

It’s in the title, I really wanna know the story of your beautifull name :slight_smile: who chosed it for you, and why, and even more :wink:

I really wanted to tell you mine but I am busy for the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Comme le titre l’indique, j’aimerai bien savoir qu’elle est l’histoire du jolie prénom que tu porte :slight_smile: qui a choisi ce prénom pour toi et pourquoi et même plus :wink:

Je voulais vous raconté la mienne mais je suis préssé maintenant :stuck_out_tongue:

actually Lee is my family name^^
my first name is Hyun Jin(two words),
which Hyun means generosity and Jin means treasure.
my dad made it for me
and i love mine. hh, 'cos it is a good one that both female and male can take.
…i do hope to be like the meaning of my name, at least, for my parents^^

now it’s your turn, devanymix! hh

Yeah it’s my turn Hyun Jin, sorry if I am late, but I forgot about it :smiley: you have a beautifull name by the way and beautifull meaning !!
My name is Meriem ( or Maryam and it’s the Arabic name of Marry), so I am not really sure of it’s meaning yet
My Dad chose it for me because “Maryam” is the only name of woman existing in Quran, my Mom accepted it, then I was named “Meriem”, I like my name too, but it’s only used for females, not like yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there other stories, where are you members?? I think you don’t know the stroy of your names :mdr: