What's the name of this song??

hi everyone, i have been trying to find this arabic song in the video below. i think the singer is moroccan. as i don’t understand arabic i can’t type the lyrics into google. but maybe you can do this for me. please listen the song and type the lyrics into google between (" ") and so you can learn the name of the song. Thanks in advance…


lol that’s a turkish documentary about marrakech, on a very unpopular channel… i’m sorry that i can’t help you with finding the title of the song, i hope the others will be able to. its a really nice song in fact i’d like to know what it’s called so i can download it too :slight_smile:

good luck!

This is an Arabic Song i don,t Know the Exact name of it.

the song’s name is Khayna by Achraf, it’s Tunisian actually

here is a link to a video where you can listen to the song [youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaL9-n-0KXo[/youtube] :slight_smile:

its name was Khayna by Achraf,…

Songer name : Achraf . it is singl song . u can find his album here http://www.fes13.com/achraf.html