whats the diffrence between 'dwi' and 'hdar'

can someone pls tell me the difference between dwi and hdar , like when do I say ‘dwi’ and when ‘hdar’ plss help me :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks in advance

I think not sure it’s like the difference between say and talk, dire et parler :wink:
which one means what, I can’t say exactly cause I’m not a native in fact…
but generally I know that hadra (the noun of hdar) means talk (the noun too not the verb) so maybe too hdra mean to talk and thus dwi means to say :slight_smile:
Anyway, I need to get sure too of the difference :wink:

Hder and Dwi have simply the same meanin’… no difference between 'em.

i agree with Dafir … there is no difference between hder and dwi

I didn’t know that info before, used to think they’re two separate words…
so thanks both a lot =)

didnt know too :stuck_out_tongue: … e7na kolena bnet3alem hena ezzaher

i think you will hear hadar more often than dwi, maybe dwi is more slang?

yeah i thought the same … but it only depends on which part of morocco u r so u can hear one more than the other :wink:

ana asli man maghreb walakin sakna f allmania…
so that’s why i want to learn more. :slight_smile: thank you all very much! :slight_smile:

ur welcome :wink: