whats the difference...

whats the difference between

-yamkan and wa9ila

  • ba9i, ba9a and mazal

-za3ma and ya3ni

-ana and anaya / nta and ntaya

-mashi so9i and mashi soghli


  • yamkan and wa9ila: None. They are both user for “maybe”, but they literally mean “possibly”, and “it has been said so”.

  • ba9i, ba9a and mazal: They all mean “not yet”. The first is masculine, the second is feminine, although the first one can be used with everything.

-za3ma and ya3ni: Za3ma means supposedly, while ya3ni means “meaning”. Interestingly, ze3ma can also be used to explain stuff, and thus convey a meaning.

-ana and anaya / nta and ntaya: (I/you) The ya at the end is just a matter of accent or way of speaking. Same for nti and ntiya.

  • -mashi so9i and mashi soghli: Both mean “none of my business”. The first is literally “it’s not my market”, and the correct spelling of the second is shoghli or choghli.