what you wish to happen at the end of this day " question"

[center]hey guy’s how are u …i hope u all fine…so i have one question for u all and u have to put the answer there is no ruls except u have to put only one wish i think the answer it’s clear

[color=#f90562]"WHAT U WISH TO HAPPEN AT THE END OF THIS DAY "[/center][/color]

[center]ok i’ll start …hmmmmm let’s see actuly i have a lot of things but i wish world peace[/center]

i wish that i die prayin ( the only i can get in heaven :stuck_out_tongue: )

World Peace is what everyone longs for, but its far too complicated, we need a miracle for it to happen, or something close to a miracle

To know I spent my day wisely and not wasted it in any way :smiley:

it’s not to far and it’s not too coplicated …but u didn’t put ur wish

My wish? I’m too confused daba to have a wish. I’ll put it later nchalla

ok take ur time … :slight_smile: lol

where are u people …no wishe’s ???

By the end of this particular day? Of every day? Or you’re asking for a general wish?
If it’s by the end of this particular day, then too bad, the day is already almost over :cool:.
Well, my almost daily wish though is to go through all my to-do list.

everyday it’s a new day …and new wish so wish eveything you want anytime u want