What would you do?

I just read this article: HERE.

Take a few minutes to read the whole article, and you’ll find out that Slovenian people are the most kind ones, 29 phones were returned there.

What would you do if you find a mobile phone?
1- Call one of the numbers it has and return it to its owner.
2- Wait for its owner to call, otherwise you just keep it.
3- Hell, it’s my lucky day! I’ll get rid of that sim card and enjoy my new phone.

It’s definitely number 1 for me.

As Slovenian im proud :slight_smile:
Once it happened to me. I found a phone (switched off) at shop mall.
And since i work at mobile phone operator and the phone was lock we unlocked it first and then I call around :slight_smile:
Ppl whose I called to, were surprised whose number that might be hehe, then suddenly I got some priest whose kid was visiting the church school,
and he called him and the kid then called me back. Some 12yrs old boy :slight_smile:

I think that I would wait for the owner to call, and that happens very quickly in most cases, I guess.
You know we all have random numbers in our cellphones, with random names sometimes, so I’d be confused who to call if there is no ‘Home’, ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ number.

I once found a cellphone that was locked, so I first had someone unlock it for me, then I simply waited for a while before it rang. It was the owner’s aunt [a student], whom I asked about the girl’s name, school and level. I then switched the phone off so that I don’t receive that person’s calls and text messages, and found the girl the following day, to give her the cellphone back.