what means ndirek amour ?????? pls

ndirek amour =

ndirek = I do (for/to) you
amour = love (from french)

i dont know exactly but can have two meanings::unsure:
i want you to be my love
i want to make love with you

i m not sure but i think

it’s the 2nd one that made me hesitate to translate in the other thread… but im sure lcheb meant I want u to be my love… or did he :unsure:

n…o LallaAicha i think the second translation is the most appropriate… it makes more sense to me…

snt Tachelhit? : do u speak tachelhit ??? "tachelhit : dialect of a part of morocco "
laa : nooo
tfham al darija? : do u understand darija??
auha : yes
anta maghribi ?? : are u moroccan ??
auaha lli ma bghina : i dont want this

sarahzina, if u see my message, i said im hesitating to translate because i think the meaning is bad :slight_smile: i just don’t believe that the cheb really means that… i mean, why would he say that??? :S

lmohim i am confused :smiley: im convinced it means the 2nd, but i want it to mean the 1st lol

Well, I think it means as a love affair, esp a secret or illicit one.

ndirek amour, sofi plezeer! CHEB NASRO, ohaybuhu!