what means ''janbak"

What means

– janbak and li7la ?

– lmosta7il

– 3asabtini

– ana ga3ma tan7atam 9olob a5arin

And pls give me the translation to this:

3afak gheri ji wa5a li nhar wa7a fi sayf baghi nchofak

Alright! First shot -

– janbak and li7la ? - janbak - next to you

– lmosta7il - impossible

– 3asabtini - you made me mad

– ana ga3ma tan7atam 9olob a5arin

The others I don’t know :frowning:

my best guess for li7la would be ‘the sweetest or best one’ (lli a7la)

ana ga3 ma tan7atam 9olob a5arin means ‘i dont at all care about others hearts’

5 is “kh” then?

For some reason I get the “g” mixed up as well. is “g” the letter “jeem”?

5 is kh…we dont really use it here, and i find that most moroccans writing darija online don’t use it as much; it’s more common for egyptians and others…also sometimes you can find 4 for gh (ghayn).

g is not the letter jeem for moroccan arabic. there is a sound that comes from amazigh language that you will find in moroccan darija words coming from this language. it is a g as in ‘good’ … in arabic letters (again for darija only, like in the magazine nichane, which writes in a kind of formal darija) it is written as ? with three dots on top…or sometimes just a slash on top. its cool cuz when we hear this sound, we know right away it is a root coming from amazigh languages. which also lets us know it is probably a little bit obscure word, something that perhaps only moroccans and some algerians will understand, certainly not other arabs. ga3 means totally, completely, a lot of…like that.

dont get this confused w/ how the egyptians pronounce all of their jeems with this sound, that is a different thing entirely…

however something i always wondered about, if anyone knows the answer sees this ever, why in moroccan, to say sit we say ‘gliss’, which must come from an arabic root ‘j-l-s’… i think this is the only case i can think of where darija is turning a jeem into a ‘g’ sound…so i wonder is it because in tachel7it we say ‘gawer’ for sit and it is also a ‘g’ sound, or why…

Actually, I knew the g bit. I remember transliterating a ladies name “Magda”. She chided me about my poor choice of letters, so I fixed it to a more proper “Majda”. So the “g” is a harder g sound while “j” is a softer sound, closer to zh. The French sounding “j” actually.

Oh - that’s the K with 3 dots is! I saw that in the name “Agdal” written in Arabic. Had no idea what the k with 3 dots was.

“Nichane” writes in darijja? Would love to subscribe to that magazine :slight_smile: Not easy to get here in the US. So what does “nichane” mean? In Farsi, it means “look” or “pay attention”. I wonder if there’s similar meaning. If so, it would be yet another Arabic loan word found in Farsi.

oops sorry didnt see the other

3afak gheri ji wa5a li nhar wa7a fi sayf baghi nchofak

please come even if only for 1 night in the summer i want 2 see u

“nhar wa7a” is “one night”?
It is common usage for “nihar wahid”? er “nhar wa7ad”

just a guess that perhaps they forgot a ‘d’, as it fits the context. wa7a i believe means inspiration or something like that…but judging by context that was my guess…no common usage or anything

3ougdal in i believe tachel7it means stable…how different now…

nichane means straight ahead or direct in darija and i believe same meaning in tachel7it. it is [ was now :(( ] the arabic writing equivalent of tel quel. it was an awesome magazine 2 me b/c of writing in darija-- actually it is like an extremely high darija/fos7a such as you would never hear even a professor probably talk, but still.

that is interesting, i do not know if there is a farsi connection, but i would guess it probably a coincidence since it is not a word coming from arabic, but from amazigh languages